Warm weather has descended upon our fair city, mantling us in a feeling of beneficent goodwill. Tomorrow may be chilly or gray, but for today, the soft air cushions us as we go about our Sunday business. Even housework is beautified by the sheer niceness of the warm breeze.

In other news, Twitter has made it clear that “exploding manholes” can be taken two ways. It’s a sign of my distraction that I didn’t even consider the double entendre. How out of character. I must have been distracted by the wavering fumes of the flames and the scent of my surroundings going up in smoke.

Still, my favorite tweet has to be any that starts with the blasé “Boston is on fire again.”

So a warm day occasioned by a fire a whole au away is a refreshing change. Heavenly, really. Both as a figure of speech and in the sense that it’s not an inferno—it’s neither on fire, nor cold as the ninth circle of Hell. (Thanks, Dante.)

Lucifer, King of Hell

Lucifer, frozen in Hell. (Gustave Doré)