If you know me, you know that I have indecision down to an art. This springs from a deep-seated desire to do everything, from finishing the seams in a complicated garment to washing dishes, as efficiently as possible.

Or from being controlling. One of these things.

People who talk to me on a good day (read: when I’m not doing grad school applications or coordinating appointments for four bridesmaids) are amazed at how relaxed I am for a bride. I want to be relaxed. Relaxed is good. And the wedding is only a day, however magical a day it’s supposed to be. Marriage is the forever part.


"...and forsaking all others, cleave thee only unto her, as long as you both shall live?"

There are a few exceptions to the “the wedding is a day” bit though. Notably: the rings.

We will be wearing these rings every day for the rest of our lives. For me, the ring is a symbol of our union, a shiny that will catch my eye, reminding me that whatever happens during a hectic day, my husband will be waiting for me at the end of it. This may sound excessively romantic, but considering that just catching a glance of my engagement ring is enough to brighten my day, even after I’ve been wearing it for five months, I’m inclined to believe.

So choosing the wedding rings brought out my indecision in spades. Even after I thought we had chosen them irrevocably–twice–I still hesitated to click “check out”.

That was part of the problem, of course: I couldn’t try them on in person. You may ask, “Why didn’t you go to a jewelry store?” The answer: we did. But the women’s rings there were so insipid. The only interesting ones for women were the ones with the diamonds. I attribute this to both the miniature size of women’s rings, at an average of 2-3 cm in width, and the fact that, given a choice, the jeweler would much rather sell you a diamond-encrusted ring starting at $1500 than a narrow gold band starting at $189. But the end result was that I was completely uninterested. The men’s rings were better, with more interesting designs, but we wanted matching rings.

So I poked around online, compiling a list of possibilities, getting frustrated, shelving the project for a couple of months, taking another look. So we found the ones we liked best. And then I worried. And we looked at them again and liked them. And I fretted some more.

But this weekend, gentle Reader, I did it. I bought our rings.

I guess now we have to get married.