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Edinburgh, 1818

Stand aside, England. In an era where steam is king and the right technology trumps armies, the nation that birthed the machines behind the Industrial Revolution may prove too hot to handle. When Morag finds a locked box beneath the ruins of MacMurdo’s Snug and Alehouse, she finds herself drawn into a plot laid long before her birth. McAdam’s journals reveal that with his famed recipe for smooth pavement, he was laying ground for more than a series of carriage roads. And a series of half-burnt ledgers suggest that when Smith wrote about the wealth of nations, it was with a mind to recoup Scotland’s losses… by whatever means necessary. Following a series of clues coded into some “misspelled” words of the Ploughman Poet, she makes her way to the capital. Only the explorer/historian Sir Walter knows how to find the answers she seeks, squirreled away with the long-buried Honours of Scotland. But as Morag races to find the keys to the past, hijacking small airships and fighting the magnetic power of the Macadam road system, she has to ask herself—is she racing to smoor the fire, or to stir it into blazing life?

Unearthing the Honours of Scotland

Author’s note: A quick Google search of Steampunk + Prince Charlie reveals nothing that would stand in my way. Alternate history involving Bonnie Prince Charlie abounds, but ex post facto Jacobite rebellion carried out under steam power? It looks like the road is clear. Move aside, Bonnie Prince—we’ve got a new Morag now, and she looks fierce.