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Yesterday, I went on a productive rant about the advertisers in the wedding industry and their campaign to make me feel insecure and, consequently, buy their products. It felt powerful. And once I had written it, I knew that what I had written was true. It was strong and it was well-phrased. And now, a day later, I look back at that and I feel good about myself, my body, my wedding and my marriage.

That is power.

Recording that power is rather like scrollcrafting.* Scrollcrafting/blogging: the storing of excess power to be used later, possibly by a different person than the original scribe.

Blogging has other benefits.** My personality lies closer to the surface now. I express myself more freely, if not more wisely. NTS reaps the benefit and curse of this turn of events. (Best he know what he’s getting into now.) According to one husbandly spokesperson, the silliness is “more directed” under this new regime.

My internal monologue, endless at the best of times, has moved to expressing itself in either clear, pithy sentiments or entertainingly phrased nonsense. The quality of the thoughts may not have improved, but the expression of them has. This makes the inside of my head that much more like an amusement park, a benefit which I intend to pass directly on to you, Dear Reader.

And once adequately expressed in writing, the sentiments cease their wearying race around the hamster wheel of my mind. Like so many ghosts, once acknowledged, they can be laid.

And it cures baldness, third world hunger and tough mildew stains.

If I had a superpower, writing would be it.
* Note for those of you who aren’t super nerds: scrollcrafting in this sense is a magical transfer system used in fantasy worlds that works via words or symbols on a paper-like surface.

** Captain Brid declared, with the perspective that only two weeks of arduous blogging can bestow.