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Item: I didn’t give short hair a fair shot last time. The dye made it more brittle and spiky, and I objected to constant use of product. I have since decided that constant use of product is no worse than constant use of hair elastics and clips, which pull at my scalp in a most uncomfortable manner.

Item: The primary use of growing my hair out was to facilitate pulling it away from my face, as my face gains nothing from being framed. This seems an inadequate reason for washing that quantity of hair.

Item: Similarly, I wasn’t pleased enough with the look of long hair to bother washing it any more. The prettiest looks for me with long hair are ones that make me look very young, and I’m just not feeling that look any longer. Long, flowing hair worn straight down (like Zahnnie’s) doesn’t suit my face, and the modern long, layered look reminds me too much of the preps in college.

It is also, to be blunt, too much in vogue to suit me. When the object of my morning toilette is to make me look like the popular girls*, dressing well holds little appeal. This way, I look in the mirror in the morning and remember that my goal isn’t to be “pretty”. My goal is to be smart and funny.

Item: Don’t I have a wedding coming up? Yes. Yes, I do. If I’m going to look like a princess on my wedding day, it looks like I’m going with Rapunzel.

Rapunzel before and after (fan art)

And now I can tell who reads my blog based on who is surprised when they see me with short hair. It’s a very dramatic litmus test.

* I use the term with soooo many grains of salt. We’re not in high school, and with wonderful, quirky friends like mine, “popular” is kind of a moot point.