I just rode my bicycle in to work for the first time. The parts along the Esplanade were beautiful. The Bay Bay was less beautiful.

I did run into one or two small difficulties.

That is the perfect cycle for a lady in the country.

One was a parked car. (I had affixed a floppy backpack to the front of the handlebars, and when the weight shifted, I couldn’t straighten the handlebars quickly enough.)

I also kept having to stop every couple of blocks to view the teeny-tiny letters on my Google map to check where to turn. This difficulty will be obviated in a few trips, though. I thought about bringing my GPS, but on car trips, I’ve noticed that while it will get you there, it may not get you there the best or most efficient way, no matter what settings you apply. I just trust Google more. And I will say, Google kept me mostly on bike paths (as I said, lovely), quiet residential streets, and bike lanes.