I did it. I biked all the way in to work (not that bad) and all the way out (much harder).

Things I learned today:

1. The Charles River is especially beautiful in the morning.

2. A strong, strong breeze blows off it in the evening. I foresee this being lovely when it’s hot and less lovely when it isn’t.

3. As a result of 2, I shall need to bring my sunglasses for the evenings, since even my new explorer hat will not stay put in that wind. (Explorer hat! Yes, it is as epic as it sounds.)

4. Gloves are definitely required. I shall not forget my biking gloves tomorrow morning. They have padding in all the right places.

5. Parked cars have very few soft spots. My fingers, on the other hand, are full of them.

6. So are my pelvic bones, apparently. I’m hoping this pressure will be obviated when I raise the seat on my bike tonight.

7. The value of a rear rack in keeping your back free cannot be overstated. I’m moving the one from my old bike to my “new” one (a.k.a. my dad’s old one) tonight, provided the bolts are the right size. Really, why is there one bolt on my bike that requires a hex wrench, when the rest of the bike runs on 12mm bolts? But my housemate has come to my rescue with a rugged hex wrench/screwdriver/general bike-fixing tool.

8. NTS is the best future husband. He made dinner so I could avoid standing on my wobbly legs. Of course, we knew he’s the best, but reiteration is a useful tool.

Conclusion: Biking is so much better than taking the T. I’m free! I may have to dodge joggers and baby strollers, but I’ll never have to wait for a bus that isn’t coming.

*I reserve the right to take the T in any day I please. Especially before dance class.

Update: Roommate’s omni-wrench does not have a hex wrench in the appropriate size. I’ll bother a better-equipped friend tomorrow. It’s probably for the best, as my chafed legs are not best pleased by today’s events. The rest of me is pleased as punch, though.

The only problem is, now that I know how much nicer it is to bike, how can I take the T? I’ll never be satisfied again.