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Excerpt from an interview given after the publication of The Isles of Port Righ and The Aerial Adventures of Captain Brid series. Rowena is the young heroine of The Isles, a supernatural Indiana Jones in a fantasy setting.

Rowena, conceived during my college years, represented a young girl, just starting out into the world on her own. Wide-eyed and idealistic, she saw the world in black and white and prepared to fight her way through it and never back down. The greater part of the novel was conceived and written when I was in Europe, with limited communication with a support network six time zones away. Her pluck gave me courage and her connection to those around her reminded me to engage with the strangers around me, an art I had yet to master.

Captain Brid is an expression of an older me. I picture her in her thirties, established in her field, with the experience of numerous archaeological digs (and the sundry small disasters that accompany them) behind her. Unflappable, she rises to every occasion. She is the sort of person who responds to a hostile government coup by appropriating an airship. She has more important things on her mind than fashion and doesn’t care who knows it. Her style is a result of rugged—but never baggy—function. She is what she is and people can take or leave it as they please.