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6:15 This house is gloomy and grey, because we live in Boston. I hate everything.

6:30 Except Girl Genius and crab rangoons.

6:40 Ok, NTS. I feel like I’m at a point where I could potentially write nice things about our future life together.

7:00 I’m too lazy to cook dinner. We were going to have almond-breaded chicken cordon-bleu, but my room is so cozy and the kitchen is full of cold tile and sharp things. Room wins. If left to my devices, we will have salad with tinned tuna on top.

7:20 NTS makes me tiny German sausages. Also asparagus. With cheese. Tasty cheese.

8:00 I’m going to go downstairs to my neighbors’/friends’ place to borrow the coffee grinder, because I need my morning latte. NTS, don’t go anywhere, because we are going to write our wedding ceremony if it kills us.

8:02 Daniprose? What happens at a wedding?

8:05 And we’ll pick some flowers, I guess. They’ll be pretty.

8:08 Daniprose says: Don’t worry about your ceremony. All of the senior staff will be there. If we can handle monsters and cultists, we can handle one little ritual.

8:09 You’re right. I feel so much better. I’m going to go write me a ritual.

8:10 Courage! Courage!

8:11 Oops, wrong ritual.

9:20 Dear bagpiper…

9:35 What do you mean, you’re not down with handfasting in blood?