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I have a wee question for my small but fabulous readerdom.

Let’s say you get interested in a new blog. You heard about it from a friend, clicked on a link in some other blog, etc. After reading a post or two, you realise you’re there to stay.

Do you:

a) make a sudden leap back to the beginning of the blog to read the entries in a properly sequential manner, an approach supported by surprisingly few platforms and best known as the Weeping Angel Leap? Don’t Blink.

b) Read the posts as they appear on the page, moving slowly backward in time? Also known as the Merlin Approach, the Memento Method, or the River Song March of Time, this strategy presents a chance to exercise deductive reasoning skills as the author makes tantalising references to entries that are earleir in her timeline, but later in your reading.

c) Read category by category? First all of the Ex Libris entries, then the ones on NTS (because I know you’re dying to know what that stands for. Except for those of you who winkled it out of me at the bridal shower), and so on down the line? Known as the Dewey Decimal Deep Dive, this method will give you the fastest overview of a single topic, allowing you to bypass topics you think uninteresting. Most helpful if you were drawn to the blog by the subject matter and not the writing style.

So, Gentle Readers, what say you?