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Days to wedding: 8

Things are getting real, Gentle Readerverse. If you will permit me one small squee…


There, now. Where was  I?

Last night, NTS and I entered our reservation for a small flat in the centre of Edinburgh. It has a washing machine! and a full bath! And it’s in Edinburgh!

Looking at the area maps, I was vividly reminded of the few short days I spent in Edinburgh several years ago.* Up to then, I had been glad we weren’t going to Glasgow–partially because Edinburgh’s language research center is seriously famous, if you’re into that wort of thing, and partially because Edinburgh is nicer–but I had forgotten how delightful it really was.

Greyfriars Kirk, for instance, whose venerable stones suggested many names we know and love (Minerva McGonagall, anyone)? Right around the corner from our proposed abode.

Greyfriars Kirkyard (c) FarOuterHebrides 2007

So we’re waiting for confirmation on that.

In other news, guess whose future husband has health insurance fully paid by his job? And guess who will no longer be paying health insurance starting very, very soon? And guess where that $70 per month is going?

If you guessed “epic boots”, you were right. They are waterproof and very, very practical. They are so epic that they get their own post, for reasons that will soon become apparent.

Another shot I took in Edinburgh, out of no reason but sheer exuberance. (c) FarOuterHebrides 2007

* On a research grant. Just digest that for a minute. I write papers, and then people I don’t know give me money to go places and learn things. I’m not going to lie: It’s the best form of piracy.