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Days to wedding: 7

In other news, my emotions are all over the place. During a meeting at work this afternoon, I could hardly contain the broad smile that wanted to spread over my face at the knowledge that NTS will be wed in hardly less than a week!

Then I’m happy about my makeup adventure (more tomorrow), enjoying the thought of a party may be attending tonight; I haven’t been to a party in weeks. And Waltham is going to be occupied by the steampunk army this weekend, which promises misadventures galore.

And then I realise that this is the first of the the “last” parties that dot the landscape of the approaching summer. I’ll be saying goodbye to a friend tonight.

I dimly recall hearing about bridal mood swings, as brides panic their way up the the wedding day. I feel like I’m going mad. This is de rigeur for the pre-nuptial lady, yes?