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Days to wedding: 3

I was sitting with my downstairs neighbors/friends last night after finishing the best man’s vest and starting the groom’s, watching My Little Pony like a champ.

Zahnnie: Finishing up those few last-minute details?

Brid: … few?

Daniprose: So, how are the vests going?

Brid: I’ve finished one! Except for the buttons and buttonholes, since lovely Mama K is bringing those. And the ascots. I’m confident that someone deal with the buttons between now and the wedding.

Daniprose: You are the most laid-back bride-to-be I’ve ever seen. You’re like a big “eff you” to the wedding industry. It’s great.

My legacy, ladies and gentlemen.

* No offense meant to wedding planners and people with fancy weddings. Unless you’re trying to tell me I’m not pretty enough in order to get me to buy expensive beauty treatments. Then offense.