Days to wedding (at the time of writing*): 2

1:45 pm

After packing alone all morning while NTS was at work. Also, sewing all week. Also, working.

Brid: Oh, dear God. I don’t want to get married anymore. It’s too difficult.

NTS: Have some lunch.


NTS: We can leave now!

Brid: I demand iced coffee and sleep. Probably in that order.


Brid: We’re getting married! To each other!


Brid: So, I brought the glue gun in case of emergencies. I haven’t used it for anything yet, but you never know.

NTS: Sensible.

Brid: I also brought purple duct tape, rope, hemp and the spotted fabric I’ve been using as a panacea for the last two weeks.

NTS: …

Brid: Did you bring your leatherman?

NTS: Yes, why?

Brid: Does it have a saw blade?

NTS: …yes. Why?


Twenty-two bottles of wine, a bottle of mead, and a handle each of Jameson’s and Captain Morgan later…

Status update: Playing booze tetris at the NH liquor store.**




That’s a lot of fog.


NTS: You know what’s interesting about World War II? Roald Dahl being a spy, seducing ambassadors’ wives and learning state secrets. No one talks about that in class, and they totally should. Also, all of these other facts that I am going to enlighten you with in the most interesting way possible.


Brid: You’re like a college class, but sexier!


Brid: I’m too lazy to stop and buy tea and coffee. Let’s do it tomorrow when we pick up the marriage license.


Brid: Shoot, now I want tea.

* I’m typing this post without internet access, hoping vaguely to find a hotspot*** tomorrow when we go for the marriage license. Failing that, you are probably reading this way after the wedding. But If I’m going to suffer in a humourous manner, you’re darn well going to hear about it sooner or later.

** Of note, I don’t have a smart phone. If I did, this would have been an actual status update. Not having had a spare moment to write in a few days, I may be going into blog withdrawal. Or sanity withdrawal.

*** Three cheers for public libraries everywhere! They have saved us on many, many occasions. More on that another time.