May I state now for the record, that nothing gets your convention off to a good start like being called beautiful and having your picture taken? I certainly put me in a happy state of mind on Saturday, when I put on my very favourite steampunk ball gown and kicked off my weekend with the Watch City Festival.

That’s right: For one weekend in the spring, the city of Waltham, MA, once famous for its clockworks, submerges its more recent history to rise in steamy glory. I wonder what the residents think of all the steampunks wandering their streets in the old-time finery of a time that never was?

The Steam Mascot

Some of you may be new to this crazy world we call “Steampunk”. It comes up a lot in my blog/life, so it may be time for a little bit of exposition.

There are a lot of definitions and non-definitions out there, but I’ve never seen a site that gets a beginner off to a rollicking good start quite like this one. Props to you, Steampunk World’s Fair. And top hats off to my fellow steampunks.