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I’m so pleased with my morning’s work that I have to pass on the unprecedented news.

I had a perfectly streamlined and, dare I say, pleasant experience at the DMV this morning.

There, I said it. I showed up to the DMV right at opening time, 10am, only to be dismayed by a line that stretched literally* halfway down the block. Well, I thought, you’ve done it now. Might as well get it over with, no matter how long it takes. And the teeny little voice in the back of my head–the one that, earlier this week, demanded I read my passport documents not twice, but four times, in the post office before mailing them–pleaded, _please, please don’t let me have forgotten anything.

Imagine my surprise and delight at seeing this lengthy line move forward in a rapid and orderly fashion. Upstairs, the queue numbers flashed on the screen so rapidly the automated voice (a very good robotic rendering) was hard pressed to keep up. The attendant was friendly, congratulated me on my nuptials, and kept up a pleasant but undemanding stream of conversation while she efficiently processed my papers.

And so, let me be the first person you have probably ever seen to congratulate the DMV on a pleasant experience. Credit where credit is due, and all that.

More on the name change itself at a later date. Marital independence gets its own post.

* You know I would never take that word in vain.