8:46 am
I really need to stop procrastinating by reading this blog on the internet and start procrastinating by writing a blog post.

8:47 am
[Actual work]

10:29 am
Based on their scripting requests, my co-workers on the business side of things* seem to think I am a wizard. This is how the interactions go in my head.

Reading a request ticket: You want what?! What am I, a wizard?

Five hours later: Here, enjoy your results.

Conclusion: I am actually a wizard.

12:38 pm
Bollocks. I just discovered that, while a can procure a collapsible silicone kettle from amazon.co.uk (and don’t think I won’t), I can’t get collapsible silicone mugs. What else can’t I get? Panic! I must buy all of the camping equipment! All of it!

12:40 pm
And who programmed the spell-check on my computer to accept the word “bollocks”?

12:50 pm
Breathing may now resume business as usual. I question the logic of amazon.co.uk’s search algorithms, but am reassured of future me’s ability to procure camping gear. I like the look of this one. And they carry Sea to Summit, a personal favourite brand for camping. All is well, despite baggage restrictions. (Procurement of a camp stove is definitely going to have to wait until after the flight.)

1:21 pm
I actually am doing work between looking for camping gear and writing snarky blog updates. You can tell by the way I just updated again.

2:10 pm
My code’s compiling.***


* I am a computer person. And all of you who have actually seen me install software can stop laughing at any time. I troubleshoot computer code for a living and write queries to analyse data so that the business guys don’t get lost in the vast jungle that is the databases. Also so that I don’t have to trouble my pretty little head about business, customers or profits. Playing in the virtual sandbox is much more interesting. Ada Lovelace would agree.**

** The Ada Lovelace who is not a figment of Sydney Padua’s imagination would also agree. More on this later, as the lady is a subject near and dear to my computationally driven heart.

*** In a manner of speaking.