I signed a lease on an apartment in downtown Edinburgh right before the wedding. Now that the practicalities are out of the way, I’m really looking forward to furnishing our new place. There’s been a self-imposed moratorium in place on furnishings since last summer, when I decided that I would go to Scotland for grad school this year. I’ve followed through on a couple of cherished projects, but given that they’ll have to be stored, and I may not like them so much *four years from now* when I get back, my heart and pocketbook haven’t really been in it.

(Housewares are different. True, I’ll have to store them, but you know I’ll still want Calphalon frying pans, silicone spoons and delicate teacups in four years.)

In the meantime, now that the wedding is over, I’ve been entertaining myself with:

a) parties. All the time. My friend group tends to be mad busy in spring and fall, so we socialise all summer.
b) packing. You’ve heard about this one already.
c) planning the honeymoon! Isle of Skye, here we come!
d) paperwork. Getting married and moving trans-atlantic are complicated.
e) daydreaming about our first little place of our own. We’ve always had roommates, and still do, so this is a novel idea. It’s going to be strange not to walk downstairs and find our friends congregated, though!

So in my spare moments, I am inspired by blogs like The Craft Patch and Little Big. I know I’m going to be a poor grad student, so these are right up my alley! Besides, I was raised to be both crafty and thrifty. Walking into a store and picking out anything I want can be fun (and there are times I wouldn’t/don’t mind at all!*), but it lacks a certain challenge, and the end product doesn’t end up with my stamp on it as much as if I hunted for the pieces, or made them, or saved them from an ignominious end on a scrap heap.

I’ll try to post some before and after shots of our apartment as we furnish it, as well as shots of everything else imaginable, as requested. In the meantime, I have to furnish my apartment in anticipation only. I grab ideas that I want to try out–or just like–and stick them on my Pinterest account. Which is nice, because I don’t think this bed is going to make it to my apartment for a long time.

* See my upcoming post on camping gear!