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The funny thing about reading blogs like Ikat Bag and Cotton and Curls is that it makes a girl feel like anything is possible.

Well, maybe that’s not the whole problem. The whole problem is when it occurs to a sewing girl that something is possible and must be done right this minute because I need these to wear today. And then subsequently realises that she should pack a lunch for the day, using at least half of the ten minutes she had previously allotted to the project.


Can anyone say “grotesquely optimistic“?

Oh, shut up.

That’s why the shorts under my summer frock don’t have a waistband at the moment. They will, though! They’re going to fit so well.

Can you tell I’ve been watching Disney movies while sewing?


Garb count

2 tunics, one nice cotton dress

Cut out:
1 tunic, half of a cotton dress

1 dark green linen dress, if I can get the linen!
1 wrist-length lightweight cload, SPF 50.
Perhaps some circle skirts, using this waistband method, and complementing halter tops.

I left my SD card at home, so no pics yet. But I promise I took some! Historical methods of setting sleeves are the best, and I may never go back to modern.