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I’ll let you in on a naughty little secret: many my posts are written, or at least started, at work. When I’m having trouble concentrating on a bit of code and need to back away for a few minutes, I write. Hey, some people take coffee breaks, some take alternate reality breaks.

As the Big Change looms nearer, these breaks are becoming increasingly necessary. Several times a day, I

a) scream silently in excitement because we’re going to Scotland!

b) scream silently in terror because we’re going to Scotland for a Really Long Time.

c) scream silently because I have yet to finish either the packing or (worse) the paperwork.

d) cry a little tear at the thought of leaving my friends. We had an extended wedding reception/BBQ for everyone we couldn’t invite to the wedding (we have a lot of relatives), and it was so nice. And then we had an impromptu campfire at the house of some friends, and crashed at other friends’ house. And we have plans for this weekend to see our friends again. Summer is when we get in an entire year of socializing, storing it up against a year full of other activities that get in the way of grilling meat and drinking tasty beverages.

(Aside: Before you get too jealous, I’ll let you in on another secret: I did not have this much of a life when I was growing up. I lived too far away from most of my friends, so until I had a driver’s license, I mostly did awesome things with my siblings instead.)