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In preparation for the holiday, I didn’t buy burgers. I didn’t buy beer.

I bought fabric.

I started out by having a drink with a colleague. She’s into steampunk and is, on the whole, an Interesting Person.

Slighty sloshed after my two drinks, I bundled myself onto the T (the underground, to non-Bostonites*) to the terminal. This is always an interesting experience in itself. You glide/lurch/judder your way further out of town, and your fellow passengers trickle/peel/lurch away at each stop until only the hard-boiled few remain with you in this trip to The End of the Line.

Then a trip through a few blocks of down-at-the-heels industrial buildings. The area was oddly quiet in the slowly descending twilight. I was hard-pressed to decide whether it was ominous or serene. For all the weight of the shabby atmosphere, I had never come to harm in that neighborhood. I chose ‘serene’.

NTS met me, as agreed, at the fabric store, and we proceeded to fill in the gaps (rifts) in our wardrobes for the week-long renaissance fair in August. I’ve been re-purposing my entire stash of cotton, both existing costumes and any natural fiber in my small stash, but NTS had no such resources to fall back on.

And so, at 2-3 dollars per yard, we picked out the stuff for a week of hot weather, circa August 1012.

For NTS:
2 cotton plaid kilts
2 pairs of pants (plaid and plain)
5 cotton tunics.

This is in addition to the shirt, kilt**, doublet, tunic and 2 pairs of pants he already owned/had bought material for. If I have time, I’ll pick up some brocade for a new doublet for special occasions.

For me:
1 plaid kirtle
1 linen kirtle
1 oval belly-dance skirt in sheer cotton
1 tunic

That’s in addition to what I had. In only indulged in one extravagance: buying 5 yards of green linen (at $5 the yard) for a dress a la Brave. I’d been wanting one even before the movie came out, and it seemed fair to buy one nice gown. I caved after NTS pointed out that I was about to spend $450 for a tent but wouldn’t shell out $25 for a dress.

Sewing tally:

3 dresses (2 plain, 1 plaid), 1 oval skirt, 2 tunics, 1 tunic for NTS, 1 belly dance top***

In progress
1 pair of pants for NTS

Cut out
1 tunic, 1 pair of striped pants for NTS (As these are the pattern for future pairs, they’ll be sewn last.)

* Though by the time you make it to a terminal, the rails may well be above ground.
** Making kilt in plain black cotton duckcloth is time-consuming and frustrating. Damned if it doesn’t look really, really good, though.
*** It was the top of an empire-waist dress that I was getting rid of. Now it’s the easiest shirt ever.