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This week, I had the dubious pleasure of interviewing to fill my role at work. Pleasure, because I’m parting with my job on good terms to pursue my career in the best locale possible.

Confused pleasure as I realised that after starting as an entry-level grunt, I’m one of the “grown-ups” in the office, and participating in the interview process and designing the training process.

Dubious pleasure as I face the fact that I’m leaving a job where I’m respected and a salary that’s finally reached what I thought I would be worth right out of college to go back to the poverty of grad school and the bottom of the ladder.

Lately, I’ve taken the last hour of every day to work on documentation of my job for the newcomers. Out of our team of two, two people are leaving the position. I have a month to transmit everything I know. Of course, I won’t have to deal with the consequences either way, but it seems only decent to give the the new kids a fair start.

The mood at the office isn’t exactly formal.* What started out as clinically dispassionate documentation has unraveled into Letters to My Replacement: a concise, casual instruction manual in installments. I hope my successors enjoy it.

* As I was working on the documentation, someone’s cell phone rang. It was a very nice arrangement of violins, and it sounded familiar. What was it? The theme to Legend of Zelda. Engineering for the win.