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Well. This is what I get for trying to do two complicated things at the same time.

Thing 1: Write a tricky little bit oif code to fix a work-around that suddenly got more complicated.

Thing 2: Buy a tablet. After much comparison shopping, I settled on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, choosing it over both the iPad 2 (those things are expensive and impossible to customise*) and the newer, lower-grade Tab 2 10.1.

Having arrived at a decision yesterday, I decided to place the order this morning so I would stop reading additional reviews and dithering. I placed it. I even gave myself a pat on the back for choosing the refurbished option and saving a lot of money.

Fifteen minutes later, I realised I had ordered a tablet with no option for 3G connectivity. Happily, I was able to cancel the order before I became possessed of a tablet that met none of my requirements. I am now seriously considering the iPad for no other reason than that I know exactly what I would be buying. The list of options is short and simply presented.

More importantly, I’m going to wait until I’m done coding.

* Will I ever actually choose to customise it? Probably not. Honestly, I have yet to forgive tablets and smart phones for operating through apps instead of through raw system data. The colorful icons and childlike interface confuse me. I think I might have done better computing in the eighties. Those were simpler times. Or perhaps the eighteen hundreds.