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I’m not dead!

Just in case you were worried.

I know, you just care about me that much.

Two weekends ago, we had an impromptu camping trip. This was hilarious for reasons that I shall detail later. The post has been 3/4 finished for some time now, but I keep getting interrupted before I can post.

This is, in part, because we have come to the training portion of my afore-mentioned dubious pleasure: trainees. My co-worker is moving on the a different position right around the same time I’m leaving, so we get not one, but two new techies. So my work day lately has been finishing up a few lingering products, explaining things to the enthusiastic new blood, and documenting every task that comes up on a regular basis. Consequently, everything takes at least three times as long as usual. It took me several days to let my head do the math my subconscious had been grappling with the entire time and realise that I can’t actually do three times as much work in the same time, and had better leave the handling of new tasks entirely to the new people. I am much happier now.

One weekend ago, we went to Colorado to visit NTS’s parents. (Yes, it was that weekend; no, thankfully we were not impacted at all.) I now have in-laws. How funny is that? Clearly, I’m still getting used to this ‘marriage’ thing. We climbed up over 10 000 feet above sea level! I don’t care where we started, I still consider this an accomplishment. Especially on limited sleep and very limited oxygen.

We got up early in the morning in order to get parking and, more importantly, miss the heat and the hordes. We were so glad we did—sunrise was beautiful, and if we had faced the kind of heat going up the mountain as we did in the last fifteen minutes at the bottom, I think we would have run away.

I have pictures somewhere, but in the interests of posting ever, they’re going to have to wait.

Saturday we saw my sister in the musical Cinderella up in Maine, and Sunday… we stayed home. It was our first day at home in weeks—and they last we’re going to have for a while—so I milked it for all it was worth.

In practise, this meant sewing. All day. I had originally planned to have NTS make all of his own clothes for the event, but I sew faster, so teamwork seemed to be indicated at this stage (we’re leaving Thursday noon). NTS cut everything out, and I sewed it.

Before you think I got the worst of the bargain, NTS spent much this time either cleaning out the sink drain or doing the paperwork for our visa application. We had hoped to get the application in far before this, but there was a change in my program information, which delayed the paperwork from the university. My name being different from the name on my FAFSA delayed things as well, especially as no one mentioned that there was a problem until I contacted them. Really, I had thought giving them my maiden name and the date of name change would have caused the dots to connect, and that they would contact me if there was a problem. This is my only complaint so far, though; other than that, the university has been very helpful and efficient.

I consider sewing for paperwork a fair trade. I must see what NTS thinks. Or perhaps I won’t.

Current inventory:



4 tunics

1 shirt (old but nice)

1 doublet (old but nice)

5 pairs of pants

2 kilts (1 old but very nice; it should last another five years easily.)

Cut out

1 kilt

2 tunics


1 hood to protect his ginger shoulders



3 fitted camp dresses

3 pleated knee-length tunics

1 kirtle with shift

1 sun cape

2 belly-dance shirts

1 fourteenth-century Italian evening dress (old)

2 circle skirts (1 old)


1 circle skirt

1 linen kirtle (a long shot)

1 evening hat