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Day 1
10 am
[Talks for an hour] Here’s how things work. More or less. Read some documentation; I’m writing it as fast as I can. Hone your programming skills, you’re going to need them. Get to know these three databases; that’s where you’re going to be living for the foreseeable future.

Day 2
9 am
Ok, here are some small projects so you can get to know the system. Let me know if you have any questions; asking is how you learn.

10 am
Not that many questions, dammit.

10:10 am
I am never going to accomplish anything ever again.

Day 5
10 am
[Math dawns] It’s not actually possible for me to accomplish everything I did before _while_ training, _while_ preparing documentation. My job is not to take projects, it’s to train these guys and do documentation.

Day 7
11:04 am
Which one of you wants to tackle this problem that just came in? Let me know if you have any questions.