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Days to takeoff: 20

So. I disappeared from everyone’s radar for a week by retreating into the highlands (of Pennsylvania). In that week, I took one phone call from someone who wasn’t in the camp and didn’t touch the internet. It was very peaceful. We didn’t run out of clothes, though I did wear almost everything I brought.

Thursday night through Sunday I camped in western Vermont with my family for my cousin’s wedding. (You’ll never read this, but congratulations, you two!) It was nice to see most of the family again before taking off indefinitely. During this time, I was fingerprinted and photographed by the government of the United States on behalf of Her Majesty. So my visa should be coming any day now.

True to form, I ran to Patagonia the day before we left and picked up a little black dress during the sales. Thanks to the 50-75% off sales they’ve been running all summer, I now own more dresses from Patagonia than not. What can I say? I have a weakness for slinky dresses that pack nicely and work for both hiking and formal wear. Due to my mounting excitement and the amount of travel I foresee in my future, half of my wardrobe consists of garments in the most lightweight, durable and breatheable materials possible, in hopes that I will never find myself without something appropriate to wear. It’s a little weakness of mine.

The University has been sending out brochures and websites on Freshers Week to get new students pumped up for college. Reading it is hilarious and nostalgic, as the materials are aimed primarily at first-time uni students. It brings back my freshman year. I am way too old for the student night clubs. (To be fair, I’m seldom one for any kind of night club, student or otherwise.)

I’m over the moon with the opportunity for inexpensive dance classes and access to the pool lanes at the sports club. Now I have to decide between ballet, Irish and Scottish country dance classes. At best, I think I’ll be able to manage two at a time. But they’re all so interesting! And if I do Scottish country, which is a very social sort of dance and not through the university dance club, there’s a good chance my husband will come and we will meet people.

Three and a half days of work left, and we’re trying to pack to move as much as possible into storage this weekend. Oh, ye gods. I packed seven of these boxes [http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sterilite-10-Gallon-Stacker-Storage-Bins-Clear-Nickel-Set-of-6/17164513] full of my books (there are more at my parents house), and NTS has a few more full of his. We have a lot of books. It cost me many a pang to pack those books away in boxes for the next four years. They kept catching my eye and saying, “read me! Read me!” When I caught myself wondering which ones would be happiest next to each other for the next few years, I knew it was time for a break.

And now I suspect it is time for a break from blogging. Who knew two weeks worth of words would build up like that?