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Things that have happened in the past two days:

I got my first pair of red shoes! Now I am all ready for my first day of school.

I got my student visa! Now at least one of us can get into the country.

I put a travel notification on my credit card… ending in September 2016.

I bought street maps for the entire continent of Europe to put in my navigator. I was against having one at first—I only got one because my sisters are constitutionally incapable of navigation—but I find that as long as I still pay attention to the turns as I drive, I don’t seem to be losing my own navigational ability. (Which reminds me, I still have a funny story about a map waiting to tell you all.)

I got my suitcases finally and irrevocably packed. The big one, according to my bathroom scale, weighs 50lbs, the smaller one 44lbs. We could have cut down the weight by leaving the camping gear, but where’s the fun in that?

Fun fact: I have now packed everything, including the kitchen sink. That’s right. I have a 10L collapsible sink for washing dishes, carrying water and leaving by the fire while camping, and it is in my suitcase, wrapped in two fancy headbands and a scarf.

I have resigned myself to having my dirigible sent on by post. That’s right, my dirigible. My most steampunked wedding present.