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It’s very emotional, this business of good-byes. There’s so much you mean to say, so much inside. But in the end, you mostly don’t say it, not all of it. In the end, there’s a hug, and a promise to visit, to write. And under it all, a promise not to forget and an affirmation that I mean as much to you as you mean to me. And I’ll never stop being grateful that there are people, not even my blood family, who love me so much, and whom I love just as much.

And I’ll be back next summer, I’ll see you all again. It’s reassuring, that promise given. And when people say they’ll come and visit, we’re old enough now that for a lot of our friends, that will be a reality. We’ll see our friends, with us on our biggest adventure yet. It’s wonderful and big, friendship, and yet full of the smallest things. Big and little, old and new, and the bluest blue you’ve ever seen.

That’s friendship.

And posts like this are what happens when you feed the mogwai after midnight.