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Here are a few gems from our wanderings so far.

5 September, Kinross to Broadford

NTS It looks like the ‘major highways’ in the highlands are ‘back roads’ anywhere else.  I don’t think he was impressed by the A86 motorway.


On a roadside cafe: JAC-O-BITE


6 September, Broadford to Portree

As a mountain looms out of the mist in front of us:

NTS Look!

Brid Where?

NTS Right in front of us! A Cuillin!

Brid Oh, no! Was it watching us sleep?

NTS groans

Brid What? It was just waiting to be said.

NTS Yes, but I don’t have to like it.


From the tourist guide: Let’s be clear on this one—they [sheep] are not to be regarded as cuddly, friendly, woolly jumpers with a magnetic attraction to car bumpers. Treat them as devious, plotting, [sic] assassins hired by some crooked breakdown merchant to force cars off the road. In short, they are a menace.

From the TV Guide: Immediately following tonight’s coverage of the Paralymipic games in London will be The Last Leg with Adam Hills. Adam Hills and sidekick Josh Widdicombe host an alternative view of the day’s events.