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Yesterday NTS and I visited the famed Eilean Donan castle. While you may not recognise the name, you may be more familiar with the castle’s image than you expect, as it’s been used in a number of films, including The World is Not EnoughElizabeth: The Golden Age, and Highlander. I suppose that would account for the adverts:

From The Visitor, a free traveller’s guide to the Isle of Skye.

Much of our stay on the island so far has consisted of me squealing, ‘ooh, blackberries!’ and NTS having to pull over/stop until I have picked my fill. It’s not every day that a girl walks down the street and sees blackberries hanging ripe and waiting to be picked. It would just be wrong to pass all of them by. I compromise by only stopping for the juiciest, ripest-looking ones. I even share. Sometimes.

Brambles in Plockton.*

Then I took a shot at nature photography. The biggest challenge is getting the colors right; because of the often grey light, they often end up looking washed out. These next two are two of my favourites.

My sisters and I used to call these lichen ‘fairy cups’.

The hill we climbed outside of Plockton was topped with two surprising developments: a cow and a number of sea shells. The shells clustered around large rocks, so I suspect the gulls used the rocks as really heavy lobster picks.

She sells seashells on the braes

NTS and I have had to adjust our understanding of orthography since coming to Scotland. Unlike in Boston, we actually get to pronounce our ‘R’ where it’s written! Say it with me now: Parrrk yer coo in Harrrvarrrd Yarrrrd. 

*When I realised that Kyleakin was entirely on the wrong side of the bridge to be the charming town I once passed an afternoon in, NTS and I pored through the guidebook looking for clues. When I saw the sentence about palm trees growing up and down the main street, I knew I had my man town. (Mind, this was before we got an internet connection, so I was forced to do things by hand. Which reminds me of that story that I always promise to tell you, but never do. And that, kids, is how I met your mother.)