Not far from where the only bridge from mainland Scotland crosses to the Isle of Skye, Gavin Maxwell lived with three otters. As pets. No, really: as pets.

Needless to say, I want an otter desperately. This video discourages me not at all. I suspect you need to have a great deal of space to devote to water, though. Must look into this later. Perhaps when I’m not living in an apartment.

Beautiful and talented.

Oh, you want to hear about the apartment?

The living room is about the size I expected for a student apartment, ditto for the bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen is clean, with nice faux-granite counters,  a full refrigerator and freezer and a tiny electric oven/range. The range does have four burners, though, which is a plus. The oven is divided into two compartments. The top one is labelled ‘grill’, so it may be primarily for broiling. It may be possessed, however. As soon as you flick the switch to allow power to the stove unit*, the oven starts heating up. Unless the bake temperature is set to anything greater than zero, in which case, it doesn’t. I am confident a call/visit to Accommodation Services will fix this.

Moving on to parts of the building that aren’t possessed: the bedroom. It is enormous. The walls are cream with ornate white moldings around the ceiling. If I was expecting molding, this wasn’t what I was afraid of. Sheer white curtains, heavy blue curtains, and, on the front windows, shutters that close from the inside.

When we arrived, there was furniture–plenty of furniture. We rearranged the bedroom to look like a proper bedroom, although the wardrobe still looms slightly. As we don’t have a lot of excess stuff, the storage is more than adequate for our needs. I have a closet full of shelves for my clothes, and we have plenty of hanging space.

There was, however, nothing else. Most of you will be familiar with this phenomenon from your first apartment. You get there with your clothes and what-have-you thinking that you’re all ready, only to realise with dismay that you have no toilet paper or cleaning supplies.

Well, this was like that, but worse: no toilet paper or cleaning supplies, and no bedding. 

Well. As tomorrow will be full of orientations, etc., we took advantage of my mostly free day today to visit Ikea, some half an hour out of town. We may or may not have dropped £400. But darned if we’ll be cold!

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting my colleagues** for the first time. Maybe I’ll even make some friends! So good luck to me. I’m off to the showers.


* It seems standard in Scotland for each wall outlet to have a switch that turns it on and off, which I find handy in case  I want to leave a charger plugged in without leaking power.

** I have colleagues! It’s going to be a long time before that stops being cool. At least until I meet them. Maybe even longer.