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Funny. Unfailingly—and this goes back years—at eleven o’clock in the morning, I get a feeling in my tum that it’s time for elevenses. So here I sit, with my healthy wee snack and a cuppa, to bring you the events of the past days.

A Pot of Tea

Mumsy dearest, if you think my posts are too short, you are really going to like this one.

Monday afternoon we moved into our apartment. On Tuesday we went to Ikea for housewares we absolutely couldn’t live without. First bedding, then towels and basic dishes, then lights, because bad lighting sets a terrible mood, then basic kitchenwares and anything else we thought we could carry. Happily, we thought right, and with the help of a giant rolling suitcase were just able to carry it all to the bus stop to get home.

NTS patiently configures the internet on both of our laptops, rather than be forced to listen as I do it myself. You can tell who wears the cargo pants in this relationship.

Wednesday was my busy day at Uni, with orientations and meetings and welcome speeches. As requested, I rapidly made friends with some of the other students in my department, particularly the one in the pirate hat. (She became known for wearing it as a fresher and sees no reason to stop, as it’s both waterproof and sartorially pleasing. We have our doubts about its continued efficacy against the rigours of an Edinburgh winter, though. Time shall tell.)

Oddly, there are no Scottish students in my programme; we are all internationals. One of the lecturers I spoke with yesterday posited that the Scottish students, having had free education thus far, are reluctant to shell out. I remain both sceptical and bemused, but he has been here much longer than I have. If I ever have Scottish readers, I encourage your surmises in the comments.

Sun, shade, and Holyrood Park there in the background

We’ve had two academic mixers so far, and you would be proud of me, Daniprose; I went to both and made an effort to meet new people. I took NTS along, but as he had no need to impress his future colleagues, he stayed partially sequestered with the pirate, who I suspect is going to be a great friend of ours, and enjoyed the food. (The microbrews they served yesterday were delicious. I was especially taken with the Scottish Midnight Sun, a ‘rich, dark & spicy porter’.)

NTS Nala-faces the camera

Loath to break into existing conversations, I stumbled up on the strategy yesterday afternoon of scanning the room for interesting-looking people at loose ends and pouncing upon them. ‘Hullo, you’re not in conversation, and I’m not in conversation. I’m Brid.’ Acting shy leads to boredom, and I am now at a point where I would rather make an arse of myself than bore myself. This strategy has led me to tolerable comfort in social and business scenarios.

The angles have got the police box.

After the mixer, I was unwilling to waste the Scottish sunshine by going inside, unsure when, if ever, it would reappear.

Rooms with a View (of Holyrood Park)

You can view the full album of photos from that day on my PhotoBucket site. I’ve left the albums there largely uncurated so far, so you can pick which shots you like best. It’s interesting: Often I’ll take multiple shots of the same subject, changing the lighting and angle, but almost always the first shot on the camera is really the one I meant to get. The rest are just extra shots.

Warming up after the windy streets

I’m still experimenting with the settings on my camera, as I only got it last spring, partly as an engagement gift (thank you, Miss Nightingale!), in the hopes that if I had a small enough camera, I would carry it more often. You reap the benefits, Dear Readers, as I keep my camera Near To Hand.

The stone basks in the last of the sunlight, much as NTS and I did

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our Edinburgh Adventure: In Which Captain Brid Provisions the Ship and Meets Some Unusual Characters.