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What I Expected When Moving to the UK:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

For our British friends who got to read the uncensored copy (Jumper! Pudding! Realised! Colour! Trousers!)

It’s a police box, which was a thing back in the fifties, only it isn’t really…

The Oncoming Storm

Yessiree, once I live in Scotland, the magical things that happen every day there will be part of my life. I’ll keep you posted on that.

The first thing I was realy ecited about was to watch Doctor Who live as it comes out. Some funny things happened between when I said that and now. The first episode aired—irony of ironies—while I was still in the States. And my housemates recorded it on the DVR from BBC America.

Where was I? Well might you ask. I was making s’mores with my family at a remote house in Maine. (I may or may not have tried to get BBC America on the telly. Success < 100%. I think my family was ok with this failure.)

The second week, I was in Scotland! We had a lovely TV, too. But I was on my honeymoon. There were so many other things to do on our newly-acquired internet (we didn’t have it for a while) that I just didn’t think to catch up on the first episode until fifteen minutes before the second one aired.

So last night, in the best nerd tradition, I watched all three new episodes back-to-back on my laptop. The Yanks in the room will be jealous to note that I can do this without Uncle Bit by going to bbc.co.uk. (Don’t bother; they don’t stream to the US.) By next week, I believe I will be watching with the Pirate. There doesn’t appear to be an official Doctor Who society on campus, but ‘The Doctor’ and ‘official’ don’t really belong together anyway.

But speaking of societies, I am proud to state that the city where Harry Potter was written boast at least one proud HP Society. We even have a quidditch team, the Holyrood Hippogriffs. I have not yet been sorted, so stay tuned for more. I’m told that anyone sorted into Hufflepuff gets a free stuffed badger. New Ravenclaws get free knowledge. New Gryffindors get a free Ravenclaw.

Our first meeting of the year is this week. It’s a good year for geekery.

Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon.

Note: All images are widely available in the internet, and may be traced back to the BBC or to the Harry Potter book series. They are not mine.