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Today, NTS and I did some pretty important things. I went to class. I decided on my final course schedule. We arranged for the payment for the rest of first semester’s tuition.

Then we bought some of the most important things you need in order to live in Scotland: a large drying rack (for clothes) and a teapot. The teapot is a lovely shade of autumnal orange and looks brilliant with the cream, dark green and brown vintage tea set I found last week. We have had two pots of tea so far, and it is unanimous: even using the same tea and water, the taste is better out of a teapot with teacups than made mug by mug.

Deliciously, I have finally managed to track down BBQ sauce. It took two weeks. I refrained from buying ketchup (but only because I had BBQ sauce). Lest you think me too American, I also picked up a bottle of mango chutney. My sandwiches are now works of art.

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Ever since the first day it poured on the Isle of Skye, I have cherished one burning question about my fellow students in this fair country: Don’t they worry about their stuff getting wet? Today, I found the answer, or one of them: waterproof document wallets. I personally carry a waterproof hiking backpack to school when I carry my laptop, but I have figured out why this isn’t more of a problem for people: more students than not still take notes by notebook and pen.

When I’m not carrying my laptop, I carry a dry sack in my bag—even on seemingly sunny days—so that in case of emergency (read: Scottish meteorology), I can protect my kindle and camera. The everyday applicability of extreme outdoors gear in this climate is rather daunting. I think it’s overkill, but then along comes a rainy (read: normal) day, and I realise that my paranoia is just barely enough.

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