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Once upon a time, on Friday night, I was very sad. My friends at home were all going to the ball—I mean, the renaissance faire—and I was going to go do my homework. But first, I finally got my Skype set up and called my parents for the first time.

All photos by FarOuterHebrides 2012

When my dad asked, ‘are you going to do any Ren faire stuff?’ I sadly answered no, not yet. But the idea was in my head. I googled a few things.

Thus it was that at 11pm (Scottish time) I decided that NTS and I were going to go to a reenactment the next day. Did we have any garb (period-appropriate clothing)? No. Was that going to stop me? No.

Saturday morning,I mobilised the troops. NTS I sent to the department store with strict instructions as to the make of the sewing machine I wanted. I had scoped it out earlier, and even gone down to the store the day before to purchase it. How was I to guess that department stores here close at 6pm on Fridays? We don’t even live out in the country. I was stymied.

But not on Saturday morning. NTS went for the sewing machine. I went to the charity shop for fabric. One bed skirt and sheet, one cotton bedspread and two hours later, NTS had a much more respectable tunic than any I had made him for our last week-long reenactment, and I had a garment I had always admired but never made: a houppelande. I even learned something in the process: you can make garm a lot faster if you don’t mind wasting material. Although calling the material ‘wasted’ is a bit of a misnomer, as I’ve used most of the cut-out pieces for home furnishings already.

Now, I wish I could say that I have any pictures of these marvellous extemporised costumes. It turns out, much to my dismay, that the friend we got to take our picture was exactly as bad at operating the camera as he said he was (people usually aren’t). He didn’t take blurry pictures. He just didn’t manage to take any pictures. I was so low on battery by the time I left that I didn’t check.

I did get lots of pictures of the site, though. My standards for reenactments have risen dramatically. I no longer accept less than an actual castle. You can see the pics here.

And that is how, in one swoop, we made our first friends who aren’t from school, and how I have social engagements for Friday and Saturday and plans for an entire reenactment weekend in October. And how I finally, after ogling the dogs in the park for weeks, got my puppy fix on. Obviously my best social coups are the ones that are staged in another millennium.


UPDATE: Here are quick photos of our nearly-as-quick costumes. NTS wishes everyone to know that he wasn’t wearing a bright green t-shirt on the day.