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So, Daniprose, my petal, my dewy rosebud, I think the day may have come to settle a wager.

Yes, Monday is the first day I showed up to class without finishing my reading. (It’s also the first day I showed up having read about three weeks’ worth in advance for another class. These two circumstances are not unrelated.) I jammed myself into a leather chair in the student lounge, equipped with a power cord and a packet of fudge, whipping myself into a proverbial lather trying to finish the readings. Then I remembered all the times I forgot to finish my readings as an undergrad. Heh.

This might not have happened if it weren’t for a little thing called ‘the Internet’.* This is a glorious and terrifying power in the world of education. Like a laser, when focused corretly, it is capable of great things. When furnished with an incomplete instruction manual and insufficient technical support… well. In the words of my professor (and I quote): ‘I worked with WebCT for ten years, and it was terrible. Now we’ve switched to this other program… and it’s absolute shit.’

Ladies and gentlemen, a professional opinion. (And expressed in the loveliest accent.) Who am I to argue?

* On the other hand, it might. Student procrastination knows no bounds. Yes, I had the temerity to procrastinate until noon on Sunday. How dare I.

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Let me share with you now some translation work I did. It’s from the Peterborough Chronicle, written in the transition period between Old English and Middle English.

They put them in chambers where snakes and adders were, and killed them so. Some they put in a torture box, that is,in a chest that was short and narrow and shallow (lit. ‘undeep’), and put sharp stones therein, and crushed the man therein, so that all of his bones broke.

Believe me when I tell you that this wasn’t the worst part of the passage. This is my bedtime reading. Once upon a time, a very long time ago…

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UPDATE: This is my 100th post! I would change it out for something jazzier, but what with one thing and another, I feel this is fairly characteristic. Captain Brid says ‘hello’. (Actually, it sounded more like ‘Tally, ho! Can’t talk now, the haggis have swarmed the bilges!’ but it was hard to tell.) Happy bloggiversary to/from the Far Outer Hebrides!