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So, fifteen minutes to go. Can I post?

You’d better believe I can.

This week has been busy as usual. I got the essay topic for my first class assignment , a 1000-word essay asnwering the question, ‘What is Scots?’

As this is the topic for the entire semester-long class, distilling what we’ve learned so far in class and by reading into four short pages is not going to be a quick job. Can I do it?

You’d better believe I can.

Sinfully Delicious Cookies of Death

I’m actually rather excited about this assignment. Compared to later in the term or this class, , the stakes are relatively low; the second paper is worth 75% of the semester’s grade. I have other classes where the final paper is the only grade you get in the class. No pressure.

This is the first piece of real academic writing I’ve done in three years. I had been worried about it. But then I remembered: this is what I do. Yeah, I’ve got this.

o O o

In ten minutes, NTS and I leave for a weekend with our friends from dance class. We are going to have dance classes of various kinds, a costume party, a ceilidh, booze. Probably not so much sleep. A castle tour. It’s going to be good times.

Can we bake cut-out cookies without a rolling pin or cookie cutters? Yes, we can! And they are shaped like moons. (There are also a couple shaped like Pac-Man.)