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Monday night and Tuesday day currently hold a very special place in my heart. They are for being productive. On my own terms.

By the time my last class—a two-hour semantics marathon—ends at six o’clock Monday evening, I’ve put in my hours for the day. My brain is done, and probably clocked out ten minutes earlier. And I’m starving. So I go home, I make and/or eat dinner, depending on how much NTS loves me on any given Monday, chill until my brain clicks back on. And then I do things.

Like this. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the blue pennants match the curtain, and all of the edges are finished, because I didn’t want to be looking at the raw edges every day.

On Tuesday, I do things even more energetically. You would think I would have time for these in between classes, but I like to use that time for eating and/or studying. Or really studiously avoiding studying. So interesting errands wait until Tuesday. (I’ve heard a rumour that you can also accomplish things on weekends. I have a free weekend coming up soon; I’ll get back to you on that one.)

My beautiful sofa, along with my haul for the weekend

This Tuesday’s theme was: For the love of all that is good and holy, make it look like someone lives here*. Last night, I re-covered the couch, trading its dark burgundy for the light green and cream pattern you see. It was surprisingly easy. Apply sheet; tug until it falls right; apply tacks with a hammer. (I used six.) I love that furniture is still made of wood. And since it’s upholstered, you’ll never know they were there. The sides are partially uncovered, but they’re not usually visible. Same for the back, only more so. I can’t believe how much of a difference it’s made already, replacing that dark sofa with a lighter version.

How do you use a handkerchief that someone put this much work into?

To carry the difference even farther, today I hit the charity shops in search of material to cover the living room chairs. Ideally, I’d love a green and white stripe, or a green and blue to tie in the material from the curtains. No luck yet, but something is bound to turn up.

One of a set of two charming pastoral yet functional scenes. These are destined for the kitchen.

In the meantime, I didn’t return empty-handed. Oh, no.

A dignified sort of clock. NTS listened to it for a few seconds when I got home. His comment: ‘So, not for the bedroom, then?’ He knows me so well. Even my wristwatch goes in the drawer next to the bed so I can’t hear it. 

* And not in a tent. This is important, because up until last night, the living room furnishings consisted of the ten/ground sheet/inflatable mattresses from our camping trip, which were hanging to dry.

For full photos of my haul, see here.

UPDATE: My professor just announced that class is moving from Monday/Wednesday to Tuesday. For very good reasons, but dammit. It will make Mondays and Wednesdays less hectic, though. And I’ll stop going away every single weekend, so Tuesday will no longer be my sole ‘weekend’ day anyway.