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Halloween is in the air.

To be fair, Halloween has been in my air since late September. Because it’s Halloween. It’s magical. It’s the first big holiday of the [school] year.* It’s Halloween.

I haven’t got a costume yet.** This is largely because I haven’t got a place to wear a costume yet. I haven’t decided whether I want to have a small Halloween party, and I haven’t heard of anyone else having one. And even then, I’m setting it for the weekend after Halloween, as we have a paper due the day after Halloween and I don’t want to spike my own attendance. Or my paper, though I intend to have it finished well before then, so it shouldn’t (crosses fingers) be a problem.

So instead of blowing my time on a costume I have no place to wear, I’ve been blowing it on Halloween/autumn decorations. My pumpkin patch has grown. 

I finally found a nice maple tree in the park that has some of the colours I’ve been looking for, though it’s still a bit tamer than I’m used to. I was on a call last night with family who have just moved from New England to Colorado and was entertained (though also sad) to find that they’re having the same trouble I am with adjusting to the more muted tones of autumn elsewhere in the world. I hadn’t really realised how much the brilliance of autumn is the province of New England. I thought that was what normally happened in the fall! Apparently not. But the same poignant sense of transiency characterises the fall here as at home, and all is not lost.

Even NTS is getting into the holiday spirit.

And I roasted squash and squash seeds last night! I can’t bring myself to cut into the beautiful pumpkins–even though one of them is making the hollow sound that characterises a good canteloupe, so I know it’s perfect–but the squash seeds are fair game. Although I did still feel a little guilty…

Poor Neville. This photo makes a lot more sense if you watch the video. Well, some more sense.

As usual, the rest of the photos can be found here. My mum wishes me to point out that if you explore the FarOuterHebrides page on photobucket, there are a lot of pictures and albums that I never link to specifically from this blog. So go explore–the pics are there for you, after all.

Also, write me letters/email. I love hearing from you! If I don’t know you personally, I would still love to hear from you in the comments!

* Unless you count Columbus Day. My friends and I have a tradition, going back well into college, of celebrating Columbus day with cake, homemade Mexican food, Disney movies and a pinata, but I was a little far away this year. Although, funny story: some of the other students in my program invited me to come over that weekend… for Disney movies and tacos. The tradition is spreading, and no one even knows. Maniacal laugh. Maniacal laugh. 

 ** Well, I haven’t got a specifically Halloween costume. Renaissance garb is pretty handy that way, in that I wore my lightweight houppelande to a costume party last week instead of making a costume. I was doing schoolwork, Mum.