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Why am I walking around my flat with a contented smile, thinking things like ‘I am a wizard’?

For one thing, I am a wizard.

For a more relevant thing, I received a lovely package in the mail this morning. Being the good little blogger I am, I didn’t even open the package this morning; I kept reviewing for my midterm. This is how I was greeted on my arrival home this evening by a pair of polar fleece pants and a navy blue polar-fleece bathrobe. With a hood.

To make you properly understand why this is important, you have to understand: I am a student. Students are poor. Or if not poor, largely without income.*  My kitchen currently registers 17 degrees Celcius.** I do my homework with fingerless gloves on. (This is normal for me all winter, in any location.)

I am now a warm and happy wizard. (In case you missed it, my navy robe with a hood looks like a wizard robe.) It’s like a phial of felix felicis, but fuzzy.

Sadly, I am now even less likely to want to leave the house because I’ll have to put on less fuzzy pants. (The university is kept quite comfortably warm.) I am now contemplating the possibility of making multiple pairs of polar fleece leggings to wear under skirts instead of my normal cotton-lycra blend.

UPDATE: The local department store sells them for 10 pounds. My warmth will know no bounds. I shall be unstoppable!

o O o

In other news, I took my first and last mid-term exam of the semester this morning. It was not intended to be hard, and it mostly wasn’t. Except for the questions that involved circling all words that met certain criteria… when the said criteria are still under theoretical debate. I know I”m not the only student who wrote notes in the margin justifying her choices. It will be interesting to see how those fringe cases are graded.

I am working on my first paper: I get 1000 words (~4 pages) to answer a question that could stand as the subject for multiple dissertations. I am confident and intimidated by turns. Confidence wins. Largely because I’m too lazy to expend the brain power to be intimidated.

When I don’t feel like studying, getting ahead on my homework, or (mostly) writing said paper, I furnish the house.

Some people decorate the mantelpiece. Some decorate the radiator.

Or hang out with the other linguistics students. Or accidentally spend two and a half hours at dance class instead of the intended one hour. My legs still haven’t forgiven me for that one. Going two days in a row may not have helped, either. Someday I will be a beautiful butterfly ballerina Scottish dancer?

* Poor people are poor. Students are merely encouraged to economize.

** 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This post was less sad before I did the math. I will probably turn the heater up as the temperature drops.