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Once I passed in my paper–which, despite my Herculean efforts, is worth 25% of my grade for one class--my mind naturally turned to a completely unrelated topic.

Fall decorations.

I wanted to create some ambiance for my post-Midterm stress-relief Halloween party on Friday, in which half a dozen of us got together to talk, eat, drink and consciously not study. And we’ve got another  whole month of Autumn to enjoy before rolling out the snowflakes. I intend to make the most of it.

Lest you think me profligate in my student years, I’ll let you in on the secret of my budget: 1 pound for a roll of brown paper, and 4.75 for glue sticks and a new, smaller glue gun and glue sticks to replace the one I had already broken. And $3 in postage for the leaves. The fabric scraps are left over from Medieval garb projects. I don’t think you’ll see the last of that orange houppelande fabric until we move into the Christmas season.

But what was that about postage, you ask? When I mentioned earlier that I was missing the fall colours of home, my Dearest Mum sprang into action. She gathered five dozen leaves of all descriptions, provided only that they were brilliant, and laminated them. Her grandmother did the same when my Mum spent a fall out west. How’s that for familial continuity?

The leaves in action. They flutter most beguilingly when you walk by. (NTS does the same.)

I also just received one hundred tiny, strong magnets in the mail for use in a project. My new favourite hobby? Gluing random things to magnets and sticking them to the refrigerator to see how well they hold. It’s like science. Mad science. With a glue gun.

Half of the ability to decorate quickly lies in owning containers with character. Pop in some candy and leaves, and voila! Though to be honest, it’s possible that popping candy in anything automatically makes it more appealing.

Photos from Halloween and from the party can be viewed here.