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Soup is delicious. Soup, if you get the really delicious ones that come in cartons or freshly made in plastic containers, instead of in cans, is full of vegetables and healthiness and mostly not sodium.* Soup cooks up in five minutes. So it is not surprising that soup is my default meal for about five lunches or dinners every week.

So there I was at the stove when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a face in the window. The heck?I thought. The window looks out on a locked courtyard and it’s too high to look in easily. I turned slowly.

Oh hi!

I ran into the bedroom for my camera.

Brid: NTS! There’s-a-squirrel! on-the-windowsill! You-have-to-come-see-this!

NTS: What?

Brid: Never mind.

I’m always this adorable. No big deal.

He regretted his inaction/incomprehension when he saw the photos. Poor NTS.

You know how squirrels will usually run around the other side of a tree so you can’t see them, no matter how many times you circle the tree? This squirrel wanted to do that, but do you want to know a funny thing about my window ledge? It’s oddly treeless. So he hid behind his own back, looking whichever way I wasn’t, except for quick peeks out of his rather pretty eyes. I’ve never seen a [live] squirrel quite so up close before.

Eventually, the squirrel decided that, the building being the only thing available, the building must be climbed. First he climbed up:

Then he climbed down. 

I hope he comes back. I feel like we made a real connexion.

Well, to be honest, I felt like I was in a Disney film and wanted to ask it to do the dishes. I could live with my life as a Disney film…

Brid: NTS! Break into song! Go!

Adorable squirrel being adorable. Like they do.

The rest of the photos can be found here.

* I will eventually cook my own soup. First I must procure a stock pot and a food processor, since soups involving pureed vegetables like squash are my favourites. But the bought soups are so very cheap and convenient I have little impetus at present.