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Business continues as normal here. After all, it wasn’t the Scots’ spiritual (and/or biological) ancestors who starved and froze on the shores of North America until it became clear that they were not, contrary to popular belief, all going to die [imminently].

I’m celebrating my day with something medieval scholars and linguists can really be thankful for: a special visit to the National Library to check out some original manuscripts. I even got to touch them. Vellum really is fuzzier on one side. And some of those medieval illustrators had really… vividimaginations. Read, both dirty and bizarre.

This isn’t from any of the manuscripts we worked with today, but you get the idea. Taken from the Hunterian Psalter, held by Glasgow University. If you want the salacious pics, you’ll have to find them yourselves.

NTS and I are dining as usual today, but we have a dazzling succession of feasts lined up for the weekend. I find this especially entertaining in light of the fact that most of the people we’re celebrating with aren’t even American; the timing is coincidental.

The array of food and friends makes me feel a lot better about not being home, although it’s still a sad thing to miss Thanksgiving with family. It’s funny and humbling and sweet to think that NTS and I are now our own family unit, part of our extended family but discrete unto ourselves as well.

I was thankful, this morning, to discover a truly awesome pair of boots in my closet.* I was thankful, after a meeting with a professor, to find he though the paper topic I’ve been developing has merit. I’m extra thankful for my family, who I don’t think have forgotten me yet. And I’m doubleplusthankful for NTS, who came here with me as my very own family.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Far Outer Hebrides. May you be as blessed as I am, and may you remember it even more often.

(And may it be a long time before I write another post this sappy.)

* I wear these at least twice a week. They were not lost. It’s just that looking on pinterest and at people around me makes me drool over comfortable yet fashionable boots, so it’s rather brilliant to look at the boots I’m absentmindedly pulling on in the morning and realise: these are pretty darn awesome boots. I’m glad past me had such good taste.