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Pop quiz: These are…

a) tasteful mood lighting.

b) something out of an R.L. Stine novel.

c) going to eat your face as soon as you lower your guard.

d) both (b) and (c).



You know you live in a damp climate when even your paper snowflakes melt after a couple of days.

Melty snowflakes. The sonic screwdrivers are going strong, though.


Q: Why do [linguistic] historians take so long to make Christmas cards?

A: Because, unable to countenance the destruction of any original documentation, they put photo corners on anything created before 1970. And I don’t even have any pre-made photo corners.



Brid: Either they just got really serious about the road work outside, or Guy Fawkes has finally succeeded at blowing up Parliament.

NTS: It’s fireworks, dear.

Brid: I knew that.


Brid: You should have seen the Santa. He was on a metal armature. It was very scary. [Pause] I should have known the trip was going to end poorly when I saw the gentleman doing acrobatics from a crane.

NTS: That should have been your first intimation.

Really, I can’t believe I left the house without my camera. Christmas has come to downtown Edinburgh, and times are very strange indeed.

In other news, finals are approaching; I have one exam and three long-ish papers. I’m making fun things for Christmas, most of which I can’t post on the interwebs just now, but I really want to.