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During finals, it’s the little things that make you happy. [It-cleft] Everything is so stressful that when something comes your way to give you a moment’s smile, you grab onto it with both hands.

Monday, NTS went to Ikea and procured, among other things, an inexpensive French press coffee maker. Unlike my stovetop espresso pot, it makes coffee in the same amount of time required for tea and does not require supervision to avoid burning holes in the bottom. (You also avoid the nagging worry that, no matter how low you’ve set the heat, it might get too hot and explode. What is ‘low heat’ exactly? And exactly how long do the makers expect a person to wait for coffee?) I have been drinking superfluous amounts of coffee since then, just to show I can. We have not yet reached the stage of finals where I drink coffee all night; hopefully this can be warded off by current diligent suffering.

To procure said coffee, I stopped at a small food store on my way home. It may be a natural food store, or a middle eastern food store. I can’t really tell. Perhaps some of each. While they didn’t carry coffee, I discovered that they do carry Celestial Seasonings tea, my favourite brand of herbal tea from home. I drink a lot of herbal tea.

So tonight, halfway through a long, long night of studying opaque syntactic rules, I settled down to my desk with a cup of tea and discovered, to my delight, the smell of home wafting gently to my nose.

Happy, happy tea.*

* Tisane, technically. Or infusion. I am, however, not bovvered.