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Tuesday, 5.59a British Standard Time
We just caught oneof the many morning trains to Glasgow. Rows of sulfurous lights flash by in the dark, the edges of town. At 56 degrees north, it will be many hours before Edinburgh sees the sun. (For comparison, Augusta, ME lies at 44.3 degrees north.) Spain will fix that, though! Whatever weather finds us there, the longer days are assured. Forecast, last I checked, calls for low sixties (F) and partly cloudy. I look forward to seeing the sun more or less overhead. They don’t mention it in geography class (possibly because it involves *math*), but the sun, around the winter solstice, only rises as far as the complement of the latitude. 34 degrees above the horizon. The good news is, at this altitude, that angle improves rapidly as we move toward summer. 

2.34p European time
I washed my hands for a full minute under the tap, just because I could. 

The shower has an overhead spray *and * a hand spray. Unfortunanely, it has only half a wall to protect the rest of the bathroom from my exuberance. Happily, my depredations so far have been limited to a small portion of tile floor, when I tried to catch the soap in the hand holding the showerhead. I suspect the floor is used to it.