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Brid Great, now I have a dirty limerick stuck in my head.


Brid Why are you looking at me like that?

NTS You have been reading fiction, right? Because you’ve been reading research material all day.

[Smiles slowly boom on their faces as they consider the implications. These are not friendly smiles. They are smiles that would strike fear into the hearts of small children and pets. The smile of the Sandman with his bag full of sand, of the bogeyman as he leers from dark corners. These are the smiles of monsters.]

NTS Your mission, [he intoned stentoriously,] should you choose to accept it, is to work dirty limericks into all of your academic papers.

Brid I think I have to get tenure first.

* Would you believe that spell check doesn’t accept the word ‘stentoriously’? Of course, it doesn’t accept contractions, either, so it’s like asking a hound to comment on the taste of one’s breakfast. 

o O o

In related news, I’ve finalised (for the next four months, at least) the topic for my PhD and will have a formal proposal written shortly. Good news: I expect none of you to read it.

One heart

One heart

NTS and I attended our first Scottish Country Dance ball. It was like a cross between the dance in a Jane Austen movie and the steerage-class dancing in Titanic: both lively and classy. My brain started to melt by the end of the night from keeping track of the figures, but much fun was had by all.

Two hearts

Two hearts

On Sunday we helped a friend celebrate her third-of-a-century birthday by taking over her house for a sewing party. I don’t feel motivated to make any big historical costumes just now, so I worked on small things. Embroidering for no particular reason is fun.

Pink and blue hearts

Pink and blue hearts