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I always underestimate the sheer difficulty of writing papers. Every time. Which is strange, because I normally love writing. Daniprose would point out that academic writing is a little special, which is undoubtedly true. I think the forgetting, though, comes down the the human condition. Humans downplay past unpleasantness if it led to a good conclusion. This probably accounts for the continued survival of the human race.

Now if I could just get to the forgetting part a little faster. My brain needs a little help pushing this one out. Maybe also an epidural. Or at least a warm bathtub to sit in while writing.* Natural paper birth looks a lot prettier from a ‘before’ or ‘after’ standpoint; the middle is messy and may involve screaming, sudden pain and/or cravings.

* Warning: do not try this at home. Especially if you write on a laptop. If you use a notebook, you may exercise discretion on this point; do be warned that if you drop your draft, you’ll almost wish you had dropped your computer. Or your toaster. You have been warned. 

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9:30 pm

Brid [stretches] Time to call it a day. I’ve done my work manfully today.

NTS In fact, you’ve done your work womanfully.

Brid Wow, feminism is sexy.

NTS Feminists are sexy.

Conversations between grad student and husband are much better than Simon & Garfunkel make them out to be. Clearly they need better husbands.

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8 am

It’s light out! We’ve weathered the worst of the winter, when I would struggle to get up, only to face hours of darkness. Let this serve as a reminder to my future self when Scotland seems dark and March a million years away: the worst of the winter dark lasts only two months. We can survive that.

9:41 am