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Monday, 3:20 pm
“This is what it’s often like in academia. Rushing to meet deadlines, fudging references on the fly. You get used to it.”

Monday, 5:07 pm
I feel like every I’ve received in the past few days has ended in some form of ‘good luck!’ I even learned a new way to write ‘knock on wood’ on German. It’s nice, but I think it’s starting to give me a complex. I’m afraid I’ve started to project desperation.

Thursday, 4:45 pm
Possible titles:

Frisian: a ReinTerpretation in Light of Archaeological Finds
Did Moral Terpitude Cause Flooding in Friesland?

Note: these are only funny if you have ever heard the term ‘terp‘ and have been working for a looong while. I wonder if Dutch archaeologists hear these all the time?

Thursday, 11:54 pm
11:54 and all is well. PhD proposal? Submitted. Funding applications? Ditto. Achievement unlocked.

Friday, 12 am
‘Transatlantic PhD Support Group’ just became our new cover band. Our albums will be purchased only by postgraduates and bathed in the tears of the unwary.