After the hectic rush of last week, I was just about ready to dive back in to academia when I got an email notification from the application system. Usually, these messages tell me about some document I neglected to upload, such as one of my references (that was going to be uploaded later by my professor). Imagine my surprise when I open the inbox to find a conditional acceptance letter from the university! This in response to the application I submitted on Thursday. The postgrad advisor had said that admission of their own masters students to PhD programmes shouldn’t be a problem unless I tanked my finals, but still, this is impressive.

The ‘condition’ they refer to is the minor one of actually having to attain my MSc first. Easy peasy.

Now for the funding…

* Amazon.com’s free shipping. All online shops I’ve used in the UK, including, amazon, have ridiculously fast shipping times, probably on account of being on a smallish island.